About Us

Terradatum empowers real estate professionals with turnkey video content and technology that is both scalable and affordable; in order that they may better educate the local consumer on the buying, selling, and home ownership process via the most effective communication medium available - video.

Amie Hall

President & COO

Raised in Denmark, Amie relocated to Montana with her family when she was a teenager, graduating from Lake Superior State University in Michigan a decade later with a degree in Recreational Therapy. After years of experience in both the medical and marketing fields, she joined the VScreen team in 2008 as a scriptwriter and quickly established herself, working her way up to take over the helm of the company within only a few years. A natural leader and problem solver, Amie oversees and manages all departments within VScreen and is responsible for the day to day operations of the company.

Nathan Dawson

Chief Technology Officer

Nathan received his BA and MBA from the University of Florida, while also spending one year studying abroad at a German university. Having the unique ability to bridge the gap between technology and business, Nathan worked for the Florida Association of Realtors for several years prior to joining VScreen, bringing with him a strong background in real estate technology. As VP, Technology, Nathan oversees all web initiatives and manages the day to day operations of the development team.

William Lee

Creative Director

An advocate of user-friendly and centric design, William’s keen eye for detail was cultivated during his attendance at Full Sail University in Orlando, and continued to define his work prior to joining VScreen as Creative Director in 2014. The breadth of his design experience has cultivated a deep understanding of the aesthetic requirements across all VScreen's related media. Forward-thinking creativity and experience inform all of his design decisions.

Kim Mieses

Operations Manager

Kim attended the University of Central Florida for three years before transferring and getting her BA in Finance from Florida Atlantic University. She joined the VScreen team in early 2013 as a “temp” employee and quickly proved herself to be an exceptional team player within the company. Kim now oversees and manages the daily operations between VScreen's Orlando, Indianapolis, and Denver offices.